The FOFA Gallery presents work showcasing the range and quality of artistic media and concerns as practiced by its current and past faculty, staff and students. In addition, the Gallery will from time to time present work by artists from outside the Concordia community when it enhances, amplifies or informs the pedagogic goals of the Faculty.

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Current Exhibitions

Main Gallery, Saint-Catherine Street Vitrine, Black Box, York Corridor Vitrines
October 27 – December 5, 2014

Vernissage October 30, 2014 5pm-7pm
Finissage and catalogue launch December 5, 2014 5pm-7pm

_MGL0983Photo Guy LHeureux

For nearly three decades, the Combine exhibition has presented works by undergraduate students in the faculty of fine arts at Concordia University. This year, the FOFA Gallery welcomes sixteen artists from a range of practices and distinct conceptual frameworks.

This dynamic exhibition flows through ideas around materiality, artifice, symbolism, portraiture, place and cultural identity. There is homage to artists past and reflections on current trends in mainstream society.

Several artists invited musicians and dancers to participate in the production of their works, proving that cross-disciplinary practice continues to be an engaging approach within the creative process.

From traditional oil paint on canvas to multimedia installations, the works reveal the breadth of talent found within the faculty of fine arts.

The Combine exhibition brings together students from the studio arts, art history and design programs with dedicated guidance from professors in each of these departments.


Tricia Livingston
Sophia Borowska
Benjamin Lalonde
Laurence Pilon
Kaeten Bonli
Alexandre Pépin
Laurent Viau-Lapointe
David Bellemare
Zoë Wonfor
Sonia Halpern-Bazar
Véronique Sunatori
Fabien Seguin
Megan Moore
Julien Bouthillier
Lucino Veo
Chloé Bourdages-Roy


Concordia Remembers
Image Grid of the Courtyard
October 27 – February 22, 2015

Vernissage October 30, 2014

Concordia Remembers 2014. Sara A.Tremblay. Vinden.

“Remembering and forgetting are forever a place of intertwining, a crossroad, a junction.
Amresh Sinha, The Intertwining of Remembering and Forgetting in Walter Benjamin

“The work of memory collapses time.” ― Walter Benjamin

Works of art long have been central to commemorating major world events as well as allowing respite and a site for contemplation. Concordia Remembers acknowledges the annual ceremonial events of Remembrance Day on November 11th. Artists were invited to submit works that address the function of memory, invite retrospection, and investigate the role of memorial through images or a series of images for reproduction and presentation here.

Sara A.Tremblay is the artist selected for Concordia Remembers 2014. VINDEN (wind) is the documentation of an installation that she created during a residency on the Island of Gotland in Sweden. Inspired by the wind, she placed several hundred blank sheets of paper on the outer wall of her residence. The papers fluttered and moved with the breeze coming from the Baltic Sea. This captured moment reveals a calm memory. The white pages compiled into a grid formation become monumental flags for the imagination.

_MGL0820Photo Guy LHeureux


The FOFA Gallery website is proud to present the works of the artists shortlisted during the selection process for Concordia Remembers 2014.